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The Design Diary allows me to share what inspires me, from art to architecture to anything else that moves my creative spirit. Much of the daily news focuses on what’s wrong in our world, and this design diary is my contribution to what’s right and inspiring; even if it’s the simplest detail that we might overlook on our daily journey.

Where Art Inspires Beauty is written by fourth generation self taught artist, Romi Cortier, whose work has been published in Marilyn in Art by Roger Taylor, ENJOY Life Magazine, Glam Couture Magazine, Health Beauty Life Magazine, and is a part of the Portraits of the Fallen Memorial, Volume 1. Cortier is also a Los Angeles, CA salon owner with over 30 years of styling, cutting and coloring experience.

While studying art history and the history of the built environment under Eleanor Schrader at UCLA, author of the “Delicious Design” Blog, the relevance of art history finally clicked for the Where Art Inspires Beauty writer. From Louis XIV to Post Modernism, the works of the period always tell a story. Sometimes that story is about how politics influenced the striped fabric for a chair, or how ‘undraped metal’ became the basis for the Eiffel Tower, or how the recent use of the computer made it possible to create a structurally sound building that looked as if it were falling down.

After studying interior design at UCLA’s prestigious Interior Design Program converting a former medical suite into a boutique hair salon with private rooms made sense for the evolving artist. Clients would no longer be held hostage to conversations they didn’t really want to hear, plus, the ample wall space gave Cortier room to display his blossoming talents as a fine artist.

Romi Cortier is a certified Feng Shui consultant in ‘Scientific Feng Shui’ as certified by Dr. Simona F. Manini, Dr. Arch, Assoc. AIA, author of Feng Shui for Architecture. With over half a million views, Cortier has a significant presence on YouTube. His collection of DIY videos give the viewer an opportunity to learn how to create exuberant wall murals while also learning a little something about art history, a subject near and dear to Cortier’s heart.

We hope you enjoy the design diary… Where Art Inspires Beauty.

Romi Cortier, Photo by Michael Sanville
Romi Cortier, Photo by Michael Sanville

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  1. What a great Blog!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and was wondering where I would subscribe to it so that I can stay current with your latest posts. You are truly an artist and have inspired me to look around a little more…. thank you!

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